A Little Bit About Us

During the 1930's, our customers at the bar received FREE pizza twice a week.  Mattucci's was the first restaurant to introduce pizza for sale in 1945. 

Mattucci's was first established for business by Nicholas and Victoria Mattucci in 1934.  Their son, Eugene, started to work with his mother in the kitchen at age 12.  Eugene, (Gene) eventually became not only a prize winning chief executive chef but also an advisor for the culinary department of the Pennsylvania College of Technology, in Williamsport, PA.  Gene worked constantly and never retired even though he was well in his mid-80's.  Mr. Mattucci taught his son and grandson everything he knew about his passion for cooking.  Nick Jr., who represents the fourth generation to be involved in the family business, stood beside his grandfather for more than a decade, learning the art of being a chief.

After Genes passing, his son, Nicholas Sr. took over the business.  He is the third generation family member to own the family business.  Nick attended Harrisburg Community College for food and restaurant management but said most of what he learned was like hearing it all over again because his father (Gene) had taught him.   "Ninety-five percent of everything I learned, I learned from my father.  While in high school and college I had been working as my father had worked and as my son had worked after school and on weekends."  he said.  Today, we provide employment for more than 20 people.  We are proud to have introduced some of the finest dishes of the world to this part of the coal region . Today, we are known throughout the eastern coast.

Our kitchen makes all of its products, including the baking of bread and home-made pasta, pastries and our own delicious dressings. 

You may find a short waiting period for your order because All of our Continental  dishes and most others are made to order.  We are sure you will enjoy eating at MATTUCCI'S.